The Julia Lampard Wig Liner ®

The Julia Lampard Muslin Wig Liner in Mink ColourThe Julia Lampard Wig Liner® is a unique product developed by Julia herself after listening to her wig clients’ comments that existing wig caps were uncomfortable, itchy and furthermore, were not providing a secure base for their wig.

The result of years of development and trial, the unique Julia Lampard Wig Liner® is a soft, shaped cap made from natural cotton muslin, which has been carefully designed to be worn either directly on a bare scalp or over existing hair.

Whether you wear a wig, a scarf or a turban, the Julia Lampard Wig Liner® will ensure that you always feel fresh, comfortable and confident.


  • Breathable cotton fabric keeps your scalp cool and fresh
  • Prevents chafing on sensitive scalps
  • Grips tightly to wig base or scarf for total security
  • Protects your wig from oils and creams in your own hair
  • Can be worn over a bare scalp or a full head of hair
  • Can be hand or machine-washed