Head Measurement Guide


To ensure that you choose a wig that will be most comfortable for you and which will give you maximum security, it is important that you obtain an accurate measurement of your head. Once you have this, you can use the chart below to work out the size of wig that you need, and this will allow you to use the Cap Size search filter on the website to narrow down your choice to the wig styles that will fit you.


Diagram showing you how to measure your head for a wigMake sure you flatten down any hair you have so it is not in the way when measuring and always use a soft measuring tape. Sit side on to a mirror so that you can see where you are placing the tape at the back of your head, or you may find it easier to ask someone else to help you.

To measure the circumference of your head, place the beginning of the tape measure at the centre of your forehead where it meets your natural hairline. Hold the tape in place, then feed the tape through your fingers and around to the back of your head, keeping the tape underneath your ear. Continue taking it down to the nape and then bring it up behind the opposite ear, continuing along the hairline to meet the starting point. Read off the measurement in either inches or centimetres and take a note.

We would recommend that you take the measurement twice just to make sure that you make a correct and accurate reading as choosing the correctly sized wig will be the most important factor in the overall comfort of your wig.


When placing your wig on your head, the front of the wig base should be placed where your natural hairline would be, usually about four fingers above your eyebrows. At the back the wig base should extend to your natural hairline at the nape of your neck. Most of the wigs come with an adjustable strap inside the cap which can usually reduce the size of the wig circumference by up to 2.54 cm.


From the grid below, select the measurement nearest to your head circumference to determine the wig size that is most likely to fit you well. If you fall between sizes choose the Wig Size that comes closest in the larger size, as the wig cap can be adjusted to make a comfortable fit.

Wig SizeCircumference (cm)
Ultra Petite 48cm - 50cm
Extra Small 50cm - 52cm
Small 52cm – 54cm
Medium 54cm – 56cm
Large 56cm - 58cm
Extra Large 58cm+