Frequently Asked Questions


Q Should I choose a synthetic or human hair wig?

A When it comes to choosing a wig there are many factors to consider, including price, comfort, texture, style and colour. However, before you begin choosing from the vast range of colours and styles on offer, the most important decision you will need to make is whether to have a synthetic or human hair wig.

Take a look at our Wig Hair Types page to help you decide which is best for you.

Q What is the difference between the types of wig construction?

A As you browse through the selection of wigs on our site, you will see many terms describing the construction of the wigs. Please visit our Wig Base Types page for an explanation of these terms and for help in deciding which is the most suitable for you.

Q What is the difference between a hair piece and full wig? Which do I need?

A A hair piece is a partial wig, which is designed to be worn to supplement and complement your own hair, rather than cover it completely. It can be a small piece designed to cover a bald patch on your head, to add volume or length to your hair, or to be used to change your style, for example to add a fringe to your existing style.

Full wigs are designed to fit over your entire scalp, either to cover up complete or almost total hair loss, or if you simply wish to have a temporary change of hairstyle for a particular event or just as a fashion statement.

If your hair is thinning on the top of your head only, and you have hair at the nape and sides, then you would be better to choose a hairpiece which can blend into your own hair so as to be completely undetectable.

Unlike a full wig you can just pull on and wear, a hairpiece needs to be positioned carefully each time you wear it, and will need securing to your existing hair using built-in clamps. You should be aware that where a hairpiece is worn over a long period of time the constant pulling on your hair can result in traction alopecia, causing your hair to recede and thin.

Q How do I measure my head for a wig?

A The most crucial factor in choosing your wig and ensuring that you will be happy wearing it, is how comfortable it is, so it is essential that you select the right size from the outset. Although most wigs are adjustable, you should still start with a wig that most closely matches your head size, so that you only need to make small adjustments. See our Measuring for a Wig page for instructions on measuring your head and choosing the correct size.

The Julia Lampard Wig Liner® will also help greatly in ensuring that your new wig fits perfectly, as the liner will mould to your head shape and the wig cap will then grip to the liner, giving a perfectly natural and smooth fit.

Q Can I wear your wigs over a full head of hair?

A Many women choose to wear wigs to change their look just as you would change your outfit or makeup. Whether you wish to change the colour and length of your hair as a fashion statement, or for a special occasion when you need your hair to look fabulous all day, any of the wigs on this site can be worn over a full head of hair, with the use of the Julia Lampard Wig Liner® which will allow you to tuck away all your hair securely, giving you a wonderfully comfortable, cool and secure base for any style.

Q I have never been able to find a wig to fit me, as my head seems to be an unusual shape – what can I do?

A First of all, make sure that you have measured your head properly, so that you are choosing the base size that is most suitable for you. See our Measuring for a Wig page for instructions on doing this and then use our Wig selection filters to choose the correct size.

We would also recommend choosing a hand-tied wig as the base will be more flexible and will provide a better fit than wefted, machine-made wigs.

We recommend using the Julia Lampard Wig Liner® underneath your chosen wig, as the liner will mould to your head shape and the wig cap will then grip to the liner, giving a perfectly natural and smooth fit.

If neither of the above solves the problem, then we can offer a bespoke wig-making service. Please contact us for further details.

Q Will my wig come ready to wear?

A Whether you have chosen a ready-to-wear or bespoke wig, it’s almost certain that you will need to have the wig cut and styled by a qualified hairdresser when you first buy it. For example, everyone’s forehead is a different height, so if you’ve chosen to have a fringe, the wig will come with a long fringe of hair at the front that will need cutting and shaping to your face.

As human hair is continually growing, at any time, you will have hairs of multiple lengths on your head, but a wig’s filaments (or strands of human hair) will usually be designed with each layer having hair of the same length. A skilled hairdresser can therefore add in these natural layers, so that your wig will look just like natural hair.

When choosing a hairdresser to style your synthetic wig, you must ensure that they have specific experience in cutting these type of wigs, as this is quite different from cutting human hair and you could irreparably damage your wig.
Personalising your wig is a service we at provide for wigs purchase from the salon or our website.

Q Can I wash my synthetic wig?

A Yes. Take a look at our Wig Care page for full details. When you buy your synthetic wig from us, we will include a care leaflet telling you exactly how to look after your wig.

Q Can I use styling tools on my synthetic wig?

A As synthetic wigs are made from polyacrylic fibre, which is a form of plastic, you cannot use heated appliances on the wig, as this could melt the fibres and irreversibly damage your wig. If you have chosen a wavy wig, you will not be able to straighten it using straightening irons, and similarly, if your wig is straight, you cannot curl it with tongs. Read more about caring for your synthetic wig on our Wig Care page.

The wigs in the Sentoo Premium Plus range are an exception to this general rule, as the styles are constructed with ‘Flexi-Fibre’ strands which can be styled to a certain degree using temperature-controlled heating appliances.

Q Can I use styling products on my synthetic wig?

A There are several products in the luxurious Davines range that we would recommend using with your synthetic wig. See the Wig Care page for a full list of products that we recommend for styling and caring for your synthetic wig.

Q Can I comb/brush my synthetic wig?

A You can use a wide-toothed comb or brush on your synthetic wig, although you may find that a simple comb through with your fingers will be enough to detangle and restyle your wig. If you do use a brush, ensure that you use one with bobbled bristles, so that you don’t snag the delicate woven cap. Read more about caring for your synthetic wig on our Wig Care page.

Q How do I care for my human hair wig?

A You can treat your human hair wig much like you would your own hair, using your usual shampoo, conditioner and styling products. You can also use a hairdryer and styling tools, although you shouldn’t use these close to the wig cap, as this contains materials which could melt. You can find more information about caring for your wig, including products we would recommend using on our Wig Care page.

Q How should I store my wig when I’m not wearing it?

A The best way to store your wig when you’re not wearing it is on a polystyrene wig stand. This will ensure that your wig keeps its shape and stays fresh and aired ready for the next time you wear it. Alternatively we also have a wig work head stand which can also be used as a stand for drying human hair wigs. We recommend that you don’t store your wig on a flat surface or in its box, as this won’t keep the cap in optimum condition and shape and the hair could start to become musty.

Q How can I choose a style that suits me?

A Now that you’ve made the decision to wear a wig, you may wish to take the opportunity to try a new style – one that you might like when your own hair grows back. If you’re not sure what styles might suit you, why not take a look at our Face Shapes page, which can help guide you towards the look that will work best with your facial features.

Q What is meant by the ‘density’ when describing the type of hair in a wig style?

A Density, when used in the description of a wig, refers to both the thickness of each individual hair strand, and the number of hairs that are woven into the wig base. In a wig with very dense hair, it is not possible to see the scalp, and the hair springs strongly from the root. On the other hand, a less dense wig will have silkier, finer strands, and it will be possible to see the scalp, for example at the parting in the hair.

You should always try and choose a wig range that most closely matches your own hair texture and density, as this will give the most natural appearance.

Q How do I choose the best colour for me?

A With such a vast range of colours available in wigs, it can be difficult to choose a colour that matches you perfectly, but we make every effort to simplify this for you, so that you are completely happy with your choice.

Our Wig Colours page contains helpful information about how to choose the most flattering colour for you, as well as explaining some of the terms used by the various wig ranges when describing their colours.

You can also buy a swatch ring for several of our ranges so that you can try all the colours in the range against your skin. The cost of these swatches can then be refunded if you buy it from our website – all we ask is that you return it undamaged within 14 days.

Finally, we offer a personal swatch service which gives you the option of sending to us a sample of your own hair, with a head and shoulders photograph of yourself. We will then recommend a list of colours which we think will be just right for you.

Q Some wig colours are describes as Rooted, Hybrant or Gradient – what do these mean?

A Each of the various wig manufacturers use specific terms to describe colour variants in their ranges. Take a look at the Wig Colour Variants section on our Wig Colours page for an explanation of these terms.

Q I’ve always found wigs uncomfortable to wear – itchy and hot. How can I avoid this?

A We recommend that you always wear a Julia Lampard Wig Liner® underneath any wig you choose. Being made of the softest English muslin it will gently protect your scalp without chafing or rubbing, and the natural breathable fibre will absorb perspiration and allow more air to reach your scalp.

The wig liner will make any wig you choose more comfortable to wear, but for maximum comfort, choose a 100% hand-tied wig, as this will have the softest cap. Synthetic wigs are usually much lighter than human hair wigs, so bear this in mind if you are concerned about your wig feeling heavy, especially if you plan on wearing it for long periods.

Q Can I wash the Julia Lampard Wig Liner®?

A Wearing the Julia Lampard Wig Liner® underneath your wig will protect your scalp from chafing and absorb any perspiration, which will in turn protect your wig and increase its lifespan. You can wash the wig liner as frequently as you wish, by carefully hand-washing it in hot water (no hotter than 30C) using a gentle detergent. Rinse it out in warm water and let it dry naturally.

If you wear your wig frequently, we would recommend that you buy the pack of 3 wig liners so that you always have at least one fresh one to wear while you launder the others.

Q I’m worried that my wig will slip off if it’s windy

A When choosing your wig, you should ensure that you buy a size that fits you perfectly – read our Measuring for a Wig page to help you select the wig that’s right for you. We would then strongly recommend that you always wear our Julia Lampard Wig Liner® underneath your wig, as the fine muslin fabric naturally ‘grips’ the cap of any of our wigs, ensuring that it doesn’t move or slip whatever the weather, giving you the confidence that your style remains in place all day.

Q I play a lot of sport, what’s the best type of wig for me?

A For sporty types, there are many wigs in the range that are short, layered and stylish, which will leave you free to pursue any sport without hair flopping in your eyes and around your neck. If you have a synthetic wig with longer hair that constantly rubs against your clothing, you may end up with matting at the ends. You can always pin back or tie up a longer wig, but this may result in the base of the wig showing. Alternatively, call for details of Christine head bands which will keep your hair tidy and out of your eyes.

Whatever you choose, we recommend that you wear our Julia Lampard Wig Liner® against your scalp, as the fine muslin fabric naturally ‘grips’ the cap of any of our wigs, ensuring that your style will stay firmly in place no matter how active you are.

Q Can I swim in my wig?

A We would not recommend that you wear your synthetic wig either in the sea or the pool, because the chlorine or salt water will damage the fibres. Whether you wear a synthetic or human hair wig, there’s always the risk that the piece could slip off if you completely submerge your head, so we would advise against this.

The Trendco Christine Swim Cap is a soft nylon spandex cap, and the perfect solution for beach or pool swimming. Available in 3 colours to complement your swimming costume, it is stylish and comfortable to wear.

Q What happens if my wig gets caught in the rain?

A If you get caught without an umbrella and your wig gets soaked, this won’t be a problem at all. Synthetic wigs will dry naturally, returning to their original style and wave, and all you need to do is run two fingers through to tidy it up. A human hair wig can be gently dried with a hairdryer, and can be left to dry naturally on your head. As with normal hair, it may become frizzier and lose the style you created, but you can then use styling products as usual. See our care guide for human hair wigs here.

Q I’m not happy with my wig, can I return it?

A Julia Lampard Wigs are committed to offering you the best possible service and products, so if you are not completely happy with the product you have purchased from us, we will make every effort to either replace or refund your purchase.

For full details of our return policy please see our terms and conditions here.

Q Do you offer a personal wig consultation?

A If you would like a one-on-one personal consultation with Julia Lampard, you can make an appointment to visit us at our beautiful salon tucked away in a quiet corner in the middle of Guildford. You will receive a warm and friendly welcome, and we will take our time to understand your particular requirements, and offer advice and guidance so that you can find the wig that is perfect for you.

Contact us today to make an appointment or just to have a preliminary chat. There is a charge for this service

Q How soon will my wig arrive?

A The delivery time for your wig will depend on the specific wig you have selected. For example, we may have the style and colour in stock for you immediately, but it’s most likely that we will have to place an order for it, as there are so many styles and colour options to choose from. This usually takes 2 to 4 working days.